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I-DANCE exists to bring US-based dance teachers and choreographers to Latin American countries in order to share a greater appreciation and awareness of our choreographic similarities and differences.

The dance artists in the countries of Latin America desperately need exposure to the expertise that they lack, and in return they have incredible energy to share with their North American counterparts. I-DANCE will send teaching and performing artists from the USA to Latin American countries in order to promote a kind of "inspiration exchange" based on a Johnny Appleseed model- sowing the seeds of dance-cooperation between the nations of North, South and Central America.


Biggest I-DANCE project to take place in Nicaragua (June 9 - 15 2013)

In what will be the biggest project ever assembled by I-DANCE, 4 American artists will travel to Nicaragua June 9 - 15 as representatives of the USA in a week of celebration of the art of ballet in that country. Master teacher James Sutton will be teaching master classes to students of the National Ballet School and dancers of the National Ballet Company; dancers Amanda Trieber and Amanda Lynch (both of New York Theatre Ballet) and pianist Michael Scales (Music Director of New York Theatre Ballet) will be performing the lovely duet "Rondo" by iconic American choreographer Jerome Robbins. While in Nicaragua, the group will have the chance to travel to three other small cities and participate in the wonderful outreach program put in place by the US Embassy.

I-DANCE sends acclaimed William Forsythe alumnus Christopher Roman to Ballet San Marcos in Lima, Peru (Feb-Mar 2013)

Opening yet another new frontier in its growing network, I-DANCE is collaborating with a South American company for the first time in it's latest project. Christopher Roman, dancer, stager, choreographer and teacher long associated with William Forsythe, is traveling to Lima, Peru February 27 - March 15, 2013 to conduct intensive workshops with Ballet San Marcos. Assisted by the organization Partners for the Americas, I-Dance and Ballet San Marcos have teamed up to create what will be an unforgettable experience for the young dancers of this promising company. While in Lima, Christopher will teach classes in ballet technique as well as improvisational methods which will open new vistas on contemporary dance for this group of dancers.

Influential dance blog Ballet To The People writes about I-DANCE

Read an in depth interview with founder Kevin Irving as well as I-DANCE associated artist Lindsay Gilmore on balletofthepeople.com.

I-DANCE is looking for Choreographers and teachers of contemporary dance

Choreographers and teachers of contemporary dance that are interested in being an I-DANCE sponsored artists should contact founder Kevin Irving.
I-DANCE is currently planning for projects in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Peru.


I-DANCE to send representatives to the XI International Ballet Gala of Nicaragua, thanks to a generous grant from the US Embassy in that county (June 2013)

Thanks to the warm and supportive relationship that I-DANCE has developed with the American Embassy in Nicaragua through multiple projects, we have been given a substantial grant that enables us to send a master ballet teacher, two dancers from New York Theatre Ballet, and pianist Michael Scales to Nicaragua as part of the International Ballet Gala organized by the Ballet Nacional de Nicaragua. During the 1-week residency, our representatives will be teaching master classes in Managua, León, Matalpalpa, and Chichigalpa, as well as performing in all but the last city. In Managua, the dancers will take part in the Festival Gala performance at the beautiful Teatro Rubén Darío.

I-DANCE invited to Danza Abierta in Costa Rica (July 2012)

After participating this past September as a member of the international jury for the Festival de Coreógrafos Graciela Moreno - the contemporary choreographic competition held each year in San José - I-DANCE founder Kevin Irving has been invited to organize an I-DANCE project at Danza Abierta. Portland-area choreographer Rachel Tess will spend 10 days in San José working with the pre-professional and professional dancers connected to Danza Abierta, itself part of the Universidad de Costa Rica. During her stay, Rachel will not only teach contemporary technique but also choreograph a work to be performed at the end of her stay there.

International Contemporary Dance Festival of Nicaragua (August 2012)

Sponsored once again by the US Embassy in Managua, I-DANCE returns to Nicaragua's Contemporary Dance Festival August 18-25 with a teaching artist and performers. Activities include master classes in three different towns in the Latin American country and an intensive choreographic workshop.

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